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Romeo at 23 monthsBeef Supreme 

Every breeder hopes for an animal that will meet all his hopes and dreams.  Romeo is this animal.  He is not only flawless in his exterior phenotype, but also in his genotype.  He personifies his Sire and Dam in an ideal way.  His performance is outstanding.  He was not raised in a feedlot but rather on the farm where he was fed silage and a little barley (2.0 kg per day). This brings to the foreground the superior feed efficiency of this animal.  I want to encourage my fellow breeders to take a look at Romeo and show me any faults that he has.  At the present time, Romeo is in Mexico and has been winning many major shows.  We still have semen available for sale from this excellent bull.


Romeo is a son of Swiss Tradition Ricco TWO 7C and the cow Carma AOZ 1C.  He is linebred to the cow Vreneli 11564 Appenzell, which is in the fourth generation on his Sire's side and the second generation on his Dam's side.  What is new in his pedigree is the import cow Lidia 5775 Meilen and the import bull Jordan 5510 Meilen, a very rare combination.  Even more rare is the combination Vreneli x Lutz which combines the bloodline Nero 8457 Appenzell with the bloodline Markus 1076 Faellanden.  We also have Aron two times in his pedigree, once Aron x Trina and once Aron x Dresden YJ78L.  By Romeo we find the legendary combination Diamant - Dufur - David - Voris - Venner three times, twice over Bouncer 3G and once over Dresden - Dado - Dufur - David - Voris - Venner and also over Ural 1005 Lungern.  We also have the relationship through the import bull Robi  to Riss 4424-265 to the bloodline Rolf 9547 Luzern-Emmen.  As well twice through Ursel - Dresden - Jorat - Rolf 4045 Illgau, the same bull that Lidia goes back to through the bulls Markus - Taler - Tenor.  Through the cow Vreneli, we have access to the bloodline Zoellner which is also not very widespread in the gene pool any more.

Romeo is definitely not a product of chance but rather the result of over 50 years of selective breeding.  As you can see in Romeo's pedigree we do not have only the animals that pass on the best beef and conformation traits but also animals that pass on the best milk traits as well.  Because of this it is not possible that his offspring will be one sided in either beef or milk but rather well balanced.  This of course is what you want in a dual purpose breed.


Of all the many bulls we have raised, Romeo is the best beef bull we have ever had.   He is the highest performing Original Braunvieh bull of 1997 in Canada and will exceed the performance of his father.  Think about it, with a weight of 835 lbs. (380kg) in 205 days this places him at 30% better than the breed average.

Romeo at 2 years of age

Romeo 24 Months Romeo at 2 years Romeo at 2 yearsRomeo4_lg.jpg (65624 bytes)

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