Robert E. Lee
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A Bouncer Son

robertelee.1.jpg It takes years in cattle breeding to be able to say with certainty what animals were especially treasured in the breed.  It is rare indeed to find an animal that passes on his positive characteristics in the purest form, (his offspring look exactly like him).  Sadly, most animals are dead by the time this fact is discovered.  Only through modern genetic techniques is it possible to use such animals in the breed long after their deaths.

We are offering you this possibility in the new bull Robert E. Lee.  Robert brings the genetic security of the three most proven bulls together in one animal, Aron (Egg), Nelson (Metmenstetten), and Willabar Bouncer 3G.  In the North American Braunvieh Breeding program, these are without a doubt the most legenday bulls of the last 30 years.  You can read about them on this web site.  It is important to note that these are three independent bloodlines.

Robert E. Lee is the product of embryo transfer technology between one of the nicest Nelson cows and Willabar Bouncer 3G.  If you saw Bouncer when he was alive, you will immediately see his characteristics in Robert.  Robert has 4 full sisters, all of them look extremely similar.

As Robert is used during the summer in natural breeding, it is only possible to collect semen during the winter months.  This is the reason that there are only several thousand straws available per year.  As there is interest in his semen worldwide, and since it is being offered for a special introductory price, it is highly recommended that you order early.  Much of it has been pre sold.

 Robert cross steer 1999 Robert Cross steer 1999
Here are some photos of Robert's 1998 male offspring.  These F1 crossbred steers are 11 months old and show perfectly the characteristics of the bull Bouncer.  They were shipped to market on the first load out at 13 months of age.

Robert cross heifer Robert cross heifer
Here are some photos of Robert's 1998 female offspring.  These heifers are 11 months old and also show the Bouncer characteristics.


Photo of Bouncer sons. bouncersons.jpg (73611 bytes)(Brothers to Robert)

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