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Ulrich Breeding program in the 1950s

Hans Ulrich continued his breeding program to select and breed for peak performance in both milk and beef during these years.  There were many times that he was penalized at shows for the style of cattle he was raising.  For instance the judges found them too tall or too one sided for milk production.  History would prove that Hans was decades ahead of anyone else in his vision of a dual purpose animal.  This is also the time that George began his career in Braunvieh breeding.  This was the third generation of Ulrich's breeding Braunvieh.

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This is the cow Dorli Stafa in the early 1950s.  She was the first Braunvieh cow to produce 10,000kg of milk on 300 days.  She produced twins 3 times, all females during her lifetime.  She goes back to the bull Gold Oetwil am See.

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This is the cow Krönli Oetwil am See born in 1955.  This is one of the first cows purchased by George as he started his breeding program.  She weighed 960kg live and was the first cow to produce 5000kg of milk in her first lactation in Oetwil am See.   She had her first calf shortly after she was 2 years old.  Her grandmother was Kroni Unterland so you can see that even in the same family you can have extreme milk production and also good beef characteristics.  She produced the bull Orion shown below.

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The bull Orion Grünigen born in 1958 was a son of the cow Krönli (above).  He was sold to Italy, an ealy export animal from the Ulrich breeding program.

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The photo on the left is the Bull Svizzero and the photo on the right is one of the few Svizzero daughters.  Svizzero was disqualified in Switzerland because of his size.   He was considered too tall and so Hans Ulrich was forced to sell him to Italy.   As you can see his daughter is the type of animal we still look for today and Hans was again decades ahead of anyone else in his breeding program.

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