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Ulrich breeding program in the 1940s

The 1940s was the period of war in Europe, this led to other uses of the Braunvieh animals and made it more important to concentrate on multi-purpose animals.

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During the war years Braunvieh were used both for riding and as draft animals as can be seen here.  These animals were owned and used by Hans Ulrich.

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George Ulrich in his early career in 1940.  The cow is Kroni Unterland.  The photo was taken for a magazine article.

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This is a photo of Alma Compadials (born 1940), one of Hans Ulrich's early high producing cows. The photo on the right is Alma, George and her bull calf that was sold to Caracas, Venezuela in the early 1950s.

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This cow was the Champion cow in Meilen in 1940.  She is the type of cow we still look for today.  Hans Ulrich was the breeder of this cow.

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This is the cow Meirisli Avers Unthertal born in 1941.  This cow typifies the type of cow we are still looking for today.  She was bought by Hans Ulrich.

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This is Kundin (born 1941).  During the war this was the ideal type of animal desired in Switzerland.  This cow was purchased by Hans Ulrich for Dr. Boveri of Asea Braun Boveri (ABB) fame.
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This is the cow Hilda Wattwil purchased by Hans Ulrich.  She became the Braunvieh cow to produce over 10,500kg in 300 days.  She is the mother of Svizzero, a very famous Braunvieh bull (described in the 1950s section).

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