Embryo Sires
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Background information on each of the Sires used in the embryo program is given below.  Click on the small images to expand them :

38R - is a son of the import cow Trina and Aron. 38R has produced exceptional females for us. His sire, Aron, needs no introduction. His dam, Trina, was an exceptionally well muscled cow with an extremely nice udder. He goes back to the bull Gallus via the bull Admiral like Lidia does. He is otherwise an outcross bull.

Neru 55W - 55W He is an example of the legendary Bouncer x Vreneli combination.  He was sold to Mexico.

Aron - Aron founder of the Original Braunvieh breed in North America. See the Internet for background on this great bull. Aron has been widely used for over 29 years, and is therefore the most tested and proven bull in the breed.

Arthur 4Y - Arthur 4Y is a son of Ueli and 1T. 1T is a daughter of the import bull Norman, who is also the grandfather of Bouncer 3G. There are very few Norman animals in Canada because he was sold to Mexico. He is however another bloodline than most animals here excluding Bouncer. By 1T we find David, Aron, and Bouncer. Arthur is linebred to Bouncer.

Bouncer - Willabar Bouncer is arguably the best beef bull in the Original Breed. You can read his story on the Internet. We are the only breeder that still has some of his semen and are offering selected embryos only infrequently. At the moment you have the rare opportunity to purchase some of his embryos.

Jason - is a half brother of Terrence 1X through his Dam 41T. His sire is Robi Norman (not Normann). I sold Jason to Independent Farms, who later sold him to Western Breeders, who then sold him at a ripe old age to Brazil.

Lutz - is the son of the import bull Jordan. His dam is Lidia. We used Lutz in our own herd, later sold him to Ken Copithorne, who used him for 4 years and then sold him, as an old bull to Mexico. Lutz is know as the sire of smaller cows with exceptional milking ability, like the mother of Romeo, Carma.

Nathan 1U - is the son of the legendary bull Bouncer 3G. Bouncer is known as the best beef bull in the Original Braunvieh breed. The most famous bulls in Canada, Mexico, and the USA all go back to Bouncer. Nathan’s dam is my import cow Lidia. Lidia is also the grandmother of Jason, Terrence and GU Romeo 1G’s dam Carma. With the exception of 644U and Bouncer, all our animals go back to Lidia. Our family has breed with this bloodline for over 50 years.

Nelson - Nelson goes back to the bull Markus, like Lidia. Nelson, like his full sister, Marga, is world famous for his female offspring, like for example IND 40Y. More details on this bull can be seen on the Internet.

Ricco - Ricco does not need a lot of introduction. He has Aron 2 times and Bouncer in his pedigree. He also has 9 import animals in his pedigree. You can see the full story on the Internet.

Romeo - Romeo is an offspring of Ricco’s, and has 2 more import animals in his pedigree (Lidia and Jordan). This keeps the gene pool as wide as possible. He was sold to Mexico.

Terrence 1X - was the Mexican Braunvieh Grand Champion in 1990. His sire is Marshall, who is the son of the import cow Norma and Dado. Norma goes, like Trina, back to the bull Admiral. Dado goes back to Dufur like Bouncer goes back 2 times to Dufur. Terrence’s dam, 41T, is also the dam of Jason. 41T’s sire is Bouncer 3G and her dam is Lidia. The combination of Bouncer and Lidia is surely the most perfect one ever achieved in the North American Braunvieh breed!

Ueli - was selected because he is totally unrelated to the other import animals. He is a medium size, compact bull, with exceptional beef characteristics. His most well know son is Arthur 4Y that was sold for US$100,000 in Mexico.

XC Bar 41Y - is the son of the import bull Marcel, which I selected for export in Switzerland for Ken Copithorne. This bull also goes back to the bull Marco and eventually Markus Fallanden. On his dam’s side he goes back to the bull Gallus, as does Lidia. 41Y’s dam comes from one of Ken Copithorne’s best cows, 17P. This cow has the German bull Warren on the sire side and Ueli on the dam side. So this bull can be viewed as an Alternative.

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