Embryo Donors
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Background information on each of the Donors used in the embryo program is given below.   Click on the small images to expand them:

AOZ 2E - AOZ 2E (FLE 644U x Bouncer) She looks exactly like her mother looked as a young animal. Typical Bouncer female, heavier and wider than average but not as tall as the average. She is a high milking animal.

AOZ 01F AOZ 1F (FLE 644U x Jason) This cow has the potential to become the nicest Jason daughter we have. She calved the first time at approximately 2 years of age with a very nice bull calf from Ricco. Her udder is fantastically wide and nicely positioned. Her milk production is enormous.

AOZ 2F - AOZ 2F (FLE 644U x Jason) A full sister to (AOZ 01F, IND 6B, IND 2C), she will become heavier than either 6B or 2C. Since we flushed her, she will be able to mature more quickly than 6B who had calved at 14 months. An animal with great potential.

MPB 1G - MPB 1G (6Y x Argus) This cow was purchased and goes back to our breeding on the dam side, but the sire is the Swiss import bull Argus. She is an exceptionally massive animal, but still in proportion. She looks like Lidia (our largest cow ever at 1017kg) did, but is not related to her in any way.

FLE 644U - FLE 644U (Aron x Fink) The foundation cow of the herd. She is over 14 years old and in perfect shape, as well as in calf. She is the proof of what Original Braunvieh really is, especially in the area of longevity.

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